Acoustic Happiness

Well-being at work has become one of the main factors in our general happiness. It's only natural that we want to feel good in a plcase where we spend eight hours a day, five days a week. And the best part is: everyone benefits from happy employees. A positive office vibe creates a constructive environment with more focus and improved productivity, while absence and sick leave will drop. This is also part of the WELL standard for healthy buildings which is picking up amongst real estate owners.

“Health, wellbeing, sustainability merge as a key driver of real estate valuePWC, 2016

No matter where you work - in an office, a store, a restaurant or an industrial warehouse – everyone deserve to enjoy good acoustics. Each work environment has its own specific requirements and fitting approach. The Organic range of acoustic wall panels helps to create the acoustics you need to be at your best.

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Creative Freedom

Just like office desks, chairs and storage lockers, there is no reason why office walls should all look the same. And that's no different for sound insulating walls. Every brand, every company is unique and so should every office interior.

With that in mind, we turned a team of young, graphic designers to help us out. We gave them the freedom to experiment with colours and to come up with prints that are 100% unique. the result? A range of acoustic panels that make any office space a one-of-a-kind.

Organic's colourful acoustic walls are more than just nice to look at. These prints can energise and stimulate creativity, but they can also have a relaxing effect which improves focus and productivity. Decorative acoustic panels have the power to create the atmosphere your company needs.

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We are passionate to give every worspace the acoustic solution it deserves. It doesn't matter if that space is a large multinational's headquarter of a young start-up office with room for just a handful of people. Walls that look great and offer the best possible acoustics, will eventually lead to the best possible results.

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