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A classroom is a dynamic place where people come together to talk, share stories, argue, debate and listen to each other. It’s pretty clear that this doesn’t work well in a noisy, tumultuous atmosphere. This is where room acoustics come in.

A well-thought-out acoustic design in schools offers many huge benefits, for both teachers and students. A healthy, sound insulating classroom not only encourages the learning process, it also has a big positive impact on the well-being of teachers.

Improved acoustics in classrooms stimulate dialogue, since they increase the articulateness and understanding of the spoken word. But that is not the only positive effect of wall acoustics. It has also been proven that acoustic solutions in schools improve short and long-term memory, reduce stress levels and increase concentration, which leads to better test results.

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School, La Côte (70) | Class Room

Benefits of a good acoustic design to schools:

  • Increased intelligibility and understanding of spoken word
  • Improving short and long-term memory
  • Reduced stress levels and blood pressure
  • Increasing concentration and test results for students
  • Less voice issues with teachers

How to improve acoustics at schools?

The activity in a class room differs from activities in a canteen, sports hall or corridor. Each space needs to have a specific acoustic solution based on the activity.

The 'Acoustical Society of America' wrote an extensive report on class room acoustics: 'Quiet Classrooms'. It is written for architects, teachers and planners involved with the building or renovation of school buildings. An interesting document that is not meant to replace the acoustic advisor but it gives valuable insights in the terminology and guidelines on how to create a “healthy classroom”.

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Playing, learning and developing together in an oasis of tranquility

In the new elementary school in Beuningen, wood-wool panels are printed with learning material and thus part of the teaching material. It is part of active and moving learning which they consider very important at the school.

As Monica Lumkes, director OBS De Dromedaris explains: ''We combine good acoustics with education. How nice is that.''

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Crèche in Jarville, Play Room, Architect: In Situ Architecture

Creative freedom

There is no such thing as a standard classroom. That is why acoustic solutions for schools are very different according to room size, the age of the students, education type and so on. Acoustic insulation for a room filled with 4-year-olds demands a different approach than that for a large college auditorium.

Organic acoustic walls offer a range of acoustic solutions that fit the acoustics, but also the mood and atmosphere you need to get the most out of your students. Our designers used their creativity to mix patterns and experiment with colours and formats, so that every classroom has its perfect match.

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Improving the acoustic well-being of people is our passion, just like teaching is the passion of millions of teachers across the world. By offering schools the right acoustic solution and sound absorption, we join forces to create an environment that inspires and stimulates people of all ages, allowing them to grow and reach their full potential.

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