Back to basics

In his day-to-day job, Hannes mostly designs digital visuals with a clear message. For Organic, he got the chance to create the exact opposite of that: a more abstract and artistic design. “I was told I could do whatever I wanted”, he says. “The only things I had to keep in mind were the texture and size of the panels. In other words, there were endless possibilities. I chose to create an interesting composition with a few simple shapes and colors.”

Design Hannes

Stimulating creativity

Hannes was inspired by Bauhaus leaders like Josef Albers, but also by minimal and optical art like that of Victor Vasarely or Sol LeWitt: “Artists like these also loved to work with geometric shapes. The idea of keeping it simple, back to the core, really speaks to me.” However, Hannes’ designs are not just a copy-paste kind of thing. They even motivate Organic’s clients to get creative themselves: “All panels can be mixed and matched in different ways. In other words, clients can build on my designs to create something that perfectly matches their space.” Your very own piece of art, that is, with great sound absorbing features too.

Organic Design Hannes

Perfect symbiosis

What is Hannes most proud of when it comes to his work for Organic? “In both designs, I feel like I’ve created a nice symbiosis between modern shapes and earthy tones. While the shapes give the panels a contemporary look, the colors are inspired by the natural wood-fibre structure of the panels”, Hannes says.

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