Lieke van der Vorst Yoga Space

Turn your yoga center

into space of relaxation and quiet

The inspiration came from my garden. Gardening has a meditative effect. It was a nice journey to buid on the contrast of interior and nature. My design can be very well fitting into meditation or yoga areas.

Lieke van der Vorst Restaurant

Plant Ahoy!

Bring back nature into your life

A restaurant with a quiet and natural ambiance is an inviting space. Good acoustics help in that, as well as emphasizing the natural aspects of your interior. More green and Lieke's design do just that.

Lieke van der Vorst waiting lobby

Waiting at ease

Flower to the people

Nature has a calming effect on people, you can bring green into your world or emphasize natural aspects in other ways. That is what Lieke van der Vorst inspired to do with the flower design. The design can be created in any colour you like.