Expressing thoughts and ideas

Sören says he uses illustrations to express his thoughts and ideas, and in doing so, create a meaningful story. His illustrations often include curvy woman and characters with small heads. The different proportions and saturated colours that catch your eye are what make Sören's art so unique.

Organic designers Soren Selleslagh
CoWorking | Creative project inspired by Sören Selleslagh

Turn your offices into

Spaces that connect people

The lines for Organic acoustic panels with co-working spaces in mind. Good acoustics in offices are key to productivity. Organic soundproofing solutions are a pillar to the ambiance at the same time.

Soren Selleslagh Breakfast Restaurant
Breakfast Restaurant | Inspired by Sören Selleslagh


Bringing colour into people's lives

A busy restaurant has a cacophony of sounds; laughing people, the espresso machine and clatter of crockery. Good acoustics help people to really interact and for a restaurant soundproofing is the key to returning visitors.

Meet Soren Selleslagh

For Sören iInspiration can come from many sources such as art, creations from other design studios, music and even daily life. The mood of the day can lead to a whole new concept.