5 good reasons to choose wood wool panels for your project

When choosing insulation for your project, you sometimes must look further than thermal requirements. Your project may require you to consider aspects such as acoustic performance, personalisation possibilities, reasonable price and ease of installation. Organic acoustic panels offer these capabilities, here are 5 good reasons to choose Organic for your project. We also offer a handy infographic with all you need to know.

1. Improve well-being and reduce sick leave

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Telephones ringing, people talking, doors opening and closing - excessive sounds that can lead to noise pollution. Noise pollution can lead to poor well-being, irritability and a general sense of discomfort. Bad acoustics have consequences such as a lack of concentration, which is so important in schools and offices.

A better sound absorption does not only give a space better room acoustics, it makes us feel more comfortable. With Organic acoustic panels, you can realise Acoustic Happiness.

2. Increase productivity and creativity

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In western countries, we spend most of our time indoors. Studies have shown that poor acoustics can affect productivity and creativity. Indeed, it is hard to concentrate in a noisy environment.

Acoustic solutions are not only used in media or music fields: sound absorbers are very relevant in places such as classrooms, restaurants, office spaces, meeting rooms, and even sports halls -For all these applications, wood wool panels are a very good choice as they are efficient sound absorbers.


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Efficient acoustic insulation needs materials with open structures. Wood wool acoustic boards have exactly that - open fibre structures that perfectly absorb and diffuse sound energy. Wood wool acoustic boards will not reflect the sounds, and by mounting walls and ceilings with wood wool panels you will have less reverberation and annoying echoes in the room.

4. Wood wool panels can have the looks your client wants

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On top of being an efficient thermal and acoustic insulation, the Organic wood wool panels can have the finish your client wants. Offering a wide range of colours, with different prints or even 3D engraving - you can choose any RAL or NCS colour you wish with Organic.

While benefiting from rigorous sound absorption, this 2 in 1 product has a good-looking finish that can be tailor-made for your clients. Once placed, wood wool panels do not need any further work to decorate the room or space they are placed in.

5. Save time and money with easy-to-install panels

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The panels will be delivered, with no finishing required after installation. Organic wood wool panels are easy to install, and we supply dedicated fixing to make the job easy. You save time, and money, all while improving the project result.

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Organic wood wool panels are both a functional and stylish acoustic solution for various open spaces, including offices, meeting rooms, sports halls, schools and other noisy spaces. Use these elegant panels to improve acoustics, comfort and well-being of room users, and offer a beautiful finishing touch for your clients and their spaces.

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