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The situation before the refurbishment

Mark Storms from Bos & Co was looking for more sound comfort for customers of the café. The room suffered from considerable reverberation. As a result, customers could not understand each other easily and the space quickly became noisy. Mark also wanted to replace the ceilings in the party area. There was no acoustic damping in the café before the refurbishment. Carpet in the hall was the only sound-absorbing material and it was to be replaced by a wooden floor.

Chosen products

Together with the product manager, the owner of Bos & Co chose ceiling islands from the Organic Elements collection. Ceiling panels from the Creative Lines and Creative Impressions product range designed by Lieke van der Vorst were also chosen. Four 1.2 x 2.4 m2 ceiling islands were installed in the café.

  • 4 modular ceiling islands
  • Ceiling with 30 mm air cavity in Creative Lines
  • Ceiling with 30 mm air cavity in Creative Impressions

Positive measurements of the reverberation time

Sound measurements were taken by Level Acoustics before and after installation to determine the reverberation time, an important parameter for describing the acoustics of a space. The reverberation time in the café was approximately 0.9 seconds before the refurbishment and 0.6 seconds after with ceiling islands without mineral wool, and 0.5 seconds with mineral wool. The acoustic measures in the party area reduced the reverberation time from an average of 1 second to 0.5 seconds for highs and 0.7 for lows. The reverberation time in both spaces now approaches or reaches the target value of 0.5 seconds thanks to panels from Organic.

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BOS & CO Reference

BOS & CO Reference