Creative freedom and more comfort thanks to the Organic.Design acoustic product line from Knauf

Good acoustics are essential in our daily lives. All designers, as well as all building users, agree on this. Good acoustics increase work productivity by a good 7%. According to another study from the UK, visitors are more likely to leave a restaurant if the acoustics are poor. Which acoustic solution is best to choose in your situation? There are many options but they do not always go with interesting, creative designs. Organic from Knauf does.

Attractive solutions using ecological products

The Corona period, particularly, makes it clear that comfortable working in different environments cannot always be taken for granted. This is one of the reasons why the awareness on importance of good acoustics is growing. Organic.Design is a response to this and is rooted in natural, ecological wood wool. A material that has never gone away. The design possibilities are endless, thanks to its many colour and design variations. A feast for eye and ear.


Suitable for any interior

At Organic, we work with a variety of designers. They combine the warm natural look of the material with different colours, prints and even engraved lines and shapes. The current collection is home to numerous designs, but the products also lend themselves to a great deal of creative freedom and individual design. Therefore, there is a solution for every interior, but also an opportunity to match the corporate identity or desired style and atmosphere in every business environment. Ceiling islands and baffles are possible in addition to ceiling systems and walls.

Different acoustic variants

The range from Organic consists basically of 3 acoustic variants: Organic, Organic Twin and Organic Mineral. The surface on the visible side of each acoustic panel is made up of 1 mm, ultra-fine wood fibre. The panels also differ from each other in their thickness and material structure (with or without rock wool). This means that all conceivable acoustic values can be achieved for ceiling or wall finishes.