A welcoming entrance with Organic

The Reception Offices for Newcomers (BAPA) in the Brussels-Capital region wishes to empower newcomers and allow them to settle better in Belgian society. The organization offers a variety of services important to work with each newcomer on self-confidence, autonomy and a clear and realistic life plan.

Convivial implicates friendliness and joy, so when creating the design for their new offices, Design Agency Panorama was happy to work with Organic. They wished good acoustics for the space, as they realised the effect of good or poor acoustics on the well-being of people.

Research *) shows that spaces with good acoustics have a calming effect on people. People can concentrate better, understand conversations better and feel no necessity to raise their voices. Organic wood wool panels create a feeling of acoustic well-being while offering creative freedom.

*) The Stress Research Institute in Stockholm, Sweden