You want the best sound absorbers for your client, but you also want it to be the most advantageous for yourself. Time is money, therefore sound absorbing insulation materials have to be easy to install. From this perspective, Organic wood wool acoustic panels are a brilliant choice and we will tell why. But first, let’s have a look at their properties.

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Organic acoustic panels are excellent sound absorbers

Efficient acoustic insulation contributes to the well-being of employees and visitors, reducing sick leave and inviting people to come back. Productivity can increase with 7% with efficient sound absorption. It is thus paying itself back easily.

Due to their open fiber structure, Organic wood wool panels are efficient sound absorbers. All wood wool panels from the Organic collection have been subject to absorption tests in different setups: mounted on concrete, with or without a plenum and with or without an extra insulation behind the panel.

The maximum weighted sound absorption coefficient (αW) is quite impressive :

  • Organic : αW 0.40-0.50
  • Organic Twin : αW 0.65-0.95
  • Organic Mineral : αW 0.85-1.00

Organic acoustic panels are not only excellent sound absorbers, they are also very aesthetic and can be customized in many ways for your client.

Choose the colour, creative impressions or lines for a stylish finishing

The Organic wood wool panels can be delivered in almost every colour (RAL or print, a stylish option, especially for interiors). Painted or engraved in the factory, once they are delivered, they are ready to be installed. This is a time saver for you and the installer.

Organic collaborates with talented designers who challenge the world of acoustics in interiors. They offer unprecedented creative freedom to finish your acoustic panels. You can choose to preserve their standard warm, natural wood look. You can also choose from a wide range of colours and impressions or create your own tailor-made patterns or engravings. The building will have efficient sound absorbers and a beautiful result.

Find technical specs, colour options and designer collections on our website

On the collection page, you will find all the information you need about our acoustic wood wool panels : their thicknesses and dimensions, details about sound absorption (αW), technical information such as fire classification, thermal conductivity… everything you need to know when choosing your insulation.

With a lot of examples, you will also discover the many possibilities of our sound absorbing solutions and how aesthetic they can be. For sure, acoustic insulation no longer gets in the way of brand identity or personal taste.

Organic Lookbook



Our lookbook gives you an overview of the creative freedom we offer. View what effect, colours and designs have on a space and be inspired for your own project.

Download lookbook

Easy installation : save time, save money !

Last but not least, Organic wood wool panels can be installed quickly. Indeed, Organic offers a vast range of fixing materials for common walls and soffit lining applications :

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Furthermore, with Organic wood wool acoustic panels, you get installation guidelines. Thus, you won’t miss any information about what panels you may offer your client regarding their project and how to install them.

If your client wishes to increase acoustic well-being and productivity, Organic panels with good-looking finishing will save you time and offer them eye-catching acoustic insulation.