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Jacqueline Auriol secondary school

Acoustic, colourful, & sustainable

A colourful achievement for the restructuring of the Jacqueline Auriol secondary school! Located on former premises, the college opened its doors in September 2021 to create the new school complex of Challans.

"This is a major restructuring project for the Collège Jacqueline Auriol (which has been relocated to the old college, which was disused for several years) and an energy renovation project for the entire Cité scolaire - Collège Jacqueline Auriol and Lycée René Couzinet. " Grégory Kaelin
Agence Mûrisserie

A great acoustic solution

A complete renovation of the buildings of the former Charles Milcendeau College was carried out with only the concrete structure being preserved. "As far as the college is concerned, it is entirely a project "within the existing". We had the constraint of adapting to the existing structures, with the integration of a double-flow ventilation system for the entire college," explains architect Grégory Kaelin.

As for the ceilings, Organic wood wool acoustic slabs were used. The Mûrisserie agency made this recommendation for "their acoustics but above all for their aesthetics. We wanted to have "real materials", in response to the concrete structure of the building, which was designed and desired and left very present.

Another particularity of the project is the diversity of colours chosen to cover the ceilings. "As far as colour is concerned, we wanted to use it to punctuate specific elements: the stairwells (indicated in the circulation), the "singular" rooms (CDI, music room, plastic arts room, students' foyer, etc.)," explains the architect Grégory Kaelin.

With 26 colours available, the Organic wood wool tiles provide bright and warm colours for an atypical and authentic decor. "The natural look of the Organic slab ensures the continuity of the project.

"The materials combined with the possible colour schemes of the Organic range made the difference." Grégory Kaelin


Product used?

For this beautiful project they used the Organic panel. This panel offers a very good acoustic performance. The wood used to create the woodwool panels comes from PEFC certificied forests near the factory.

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