Passionate about acoustics

Acoustics have a huge impact on the well-being and productivity of the people in a building. We believe everyone has the right to a healthy work environment and our solutions can help you achieve exactly that.

Not only by providing everything you need to create that perfect acoustic environment, but also by adding creativity in your project.

We believe acoustic solutions should sound and look great and we're passionate about achieving those goals in every project, big or small. Every space deserves the best acoustics.

Curious of how we can bring extra comfort to your space with organic acoustic solutions? Then contact us. We are happy to give more information, a quotation or you can get in touch with a nearby dealer.

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Tailor Made Acoustic Solutions

Organic acoustic panels and tiles can be printed in any colour and pattern or engraved with circles, lines and many shapes.
These panels will then be tailor made especially for your space.

Rsz the y man bij zijn auto in parkeergarage
The Y, The Hague (Netherlands)| Architect: AAArchitecten

The Acoustic Insulation Specialist

At Knauf and Knauf Insulation we offer many insulation solutions for improved acoustics. Organic is the stylish option for mainly interior applications. We also offer acoustic panels from the Heraklith brand. This range serves more as the functional insulation range where also higher thermal performance or fire resistance are required but the aesthetics are less important.

Think of applications like parking garages, the finishing of balconnees and technical spaces.

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Work better with Organic acoustics.

Upgrade your environment with the perfect sound insulation

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