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Good acoustics are crucial to the total experience of a restaurant, bar, casino or hotel lobbies. In many cases a restaurant experience is not only defined by its fine food and wines but also by the way you can interact with your friends and family. Echoing sounds from other tables can ruin a nice evening.

If you are designing the interior for a restaurant or hotel lobby pay extra attention to acoustic requirements. Use acoustic materials that offer the necessary noise absorption for the estimated sound levels (Hz) in the various spaces, like our soundabsorbing panels.

Organic's acoustic wall panels and sound insulation offer both a pleasant sound level in the restaurant or casino and avoid nuisance to its surroundings. Looking for advise on the room acoustics in the space you're designing?We are happy to serve you.

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Interior designing for the leisure industry can be a demanding task. It's an interesting challenge to come up with new designs and creative ideas to fit the owner's desire to give his establishment a personal touch.

The current trend of smooth surfaces with a lot of industrial concrete and glass increases the need to pay extra attention to the acoustic requirements.

Luckily our rectangle and square acoustic barriers can be mixed and matched in any pattern and colour variation. This way you create a unique acoustic ceiling or acoustic wall in the style and atmosphere of your choice.

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We share a passion for acoustics and interior design. Find out how to realize the synergy in acoustic solutions and awesome interiors and check out our projects. We are happy to advise you on the best way to sound insulate the walls of your new interior design.

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