House of Co Design

Organic fits perfectly in co-working environment House of CoDesign.

House of CoDesign has co-working spaces and meeting rooms. High demands were placed on acoustics and aesthetics in terms of design and implementation.

This 240 m² commercial building was conceived and designed by experts in Design Thinking and Design Sprint. The choice of natural and white colours allows room for creativity.

Acoustic wood wool panels from Organic

House of CoDesign has a meeting room, several workstations, an equipped kitchen and a relaxation area. Good acoustics are essential for the smooth running of meetings. That is why House of CoDesign has placed special emphasis on sound requirements. Faced with this challenge, architectural firm Six Architectes came up with a solution that combines aesthetics and acoustics: acoustic wood wool panels from Organic.

Organic fits perfectly in a co-working environment like House of CoDesign. The aesthetics of the space are maintained and acoustic comfort is increased (aw from 0.45 to 0.70). Attachment of the panels to the ceiling and walls absorbs sounds. Organic offers unique graphic options of prints, 3D engraving and colours, in addition to the natural version.