Giving shape to the background of someone else´s life

Anna finds it important that architecture is self evident, appropriate and contextual. She is continuously aware that when she is designing a space, she is giving shape to someone’s life. Anna’s greatest inspirations are Monadnock, Bovenbouw, Paul Delvaux and Yves Klein.

KNF Minimal Canvas annavanoekelen IMAGE05 UNO
Montoya Coworking, Barcelona | Interior Architect: Skye Maunsell and Jordi Venciana | Photography: Salva López

Minimal Canvas


The Minimal Canvas Uno embraces the natural apppearance of Organic acoustic boards. The fine texture of wood wool reminds of woven fabric or textile, also called <canvas>. The maintenance of the natural colour offers an intrinsic warm quality that perfectly blends with other, more cold materials.

Essentially Minimal Canvas is a product-based design: a monochrome composition of acoustic insulation boards with standard dimensions. The subtle milling of a diagonal pattern on three of the acoustic boards make the other two stand out.

KNF Minimal Canvas annavanoekelen IMAGE02 COMBO
Paris, Bernard Dubois Architects | Photography: Romain Laprade

Minimal Canvas


The Minimal Canvas Combo is a smaller variant or little brother for UNO. As the name reveals, this down-sized unit is always supposed to be repeated, rotated and combined into a larger canvas that equals the size of the UNO. Compared to UNO, Combo has a more elaborate look, slightly more sophisticated.

With the Minimal Canvas you use the intrinsic warm appareance of wood wool with perfect soundproofing. In terms of production technology, this approach allows a low-cost and efficient outcome.

Meet Anna van Oekelen

How different is the challenge to create an acoustic wall instead of a building for an architect? Anna van Oekelen explains how she approached the Organic request and where she found inspiration

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