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Acoustics in gyms and sports halls often fall behind

Sports accommodation but also spaces such as day care centers, school complexes and the like often fall behind in the regulations. Usually people only work with guidelines and there are no further requirements, rules or any kind of legislation that covers the noise problems. An entrepreneur or operator is therefore often not forced to do anything about the situation, even though the long term effects can be huge. Feeling of discomfort, increase in sicks leaves, and in the end even deafness.

Permanent hearing damage as a result of a poor acoustic climate

Unfortunately hearing damage is the result for many professions, even where you would not expect it at all. In a gym, bouncing balls and screaming children are part of the business. So in many accommodations people are not even aware of the fact that "room acoustics" are not in order and noise is actually at an unacceptable high level. As a result the damage has been done and action is undertaken too late.

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